Residential Design Overview

As an architect and interior house designer the following architectural design elements often define the creation of successful home design, as stated by Domenic Sicari Associates. This demands the understanding of different important elements by the residential architect or home designer. A house is more than just a building; it is an environment, which will have a direct impact with its owner’s lifestyle and experiences. Domenic Sicari Associates approach includes unique and often highly specialized requirements of the following:

Specific programming of the home includes the type of design and the type of family that will live there. Are there children, and if so how many? Does the owner like to cook and entertain? Will the owner like a home office? Will the owner like a home theater? Other questions will include, the number of bedrooms and baths needed, size of other rooms such as living room, family room, dining room, library, gym, basement, garage etc.

The size of the house also be dependent on all of the above variables. It is very important to design and plan everything correctly, so that the house can be built on budget and with minimal possibility of problems.